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Meditation Vs. Medication by Beth Lynch

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

“As a child, I was aware of my life force, and was tapped into my creativity. I did everything in my power to protect that part of me. Nobody was going to take that away from me. Nobody was going to break my spirit permanently. Back then, I called it my secret garden. Despite all the chaos in my life, I found safety there. I always believed I’d find my way out of the madness. I knew it intuitionally and instinctively. I never used medications for my schizophrenia. I went it alone, terrified mostly, but I knew deep inside of me the answers to heal were there, just waiting to be discovered. That knowing was my hope. And that hope led to my full recovery from schizophrenia. I am not advocating anyone go off their medication; however, looking at different perspectives can’t hurt you. It could be the beginning of your healing.”—Tracey Higgins, Author of A Girl on the Bridge: A Memoir

Meditation vs. Medication: The Effect of Pharmaceuticals on Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

By Beth Lynch

For Passion Publishing Company, LLC

Bellingham, WA

All Right Reserved. 2019

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Problem

3. The Evidence

4. The Questions

5. Reorienting to a New Way of Thinking, Being … and Behaving

6. The Spiritual Solution

7. Conclusion


Foreword by Beth Lynch

How can we believe this many are born into mental illness?

Why is addiction out of control? What are we searching for?

Why are so many people going into psychotic rage, killing their own loved ones? Children?

Is there a Spiritual solution?

My way of helping may not always be understood, my way once frightened me, for many nights and years. Prayer and belief in God always got me through. In my own pain, loss and healing, the sensitivity became a light. The Light... The message was clear that I would help others in this way, communicating thoughts of love and understanding to people living from those crossed-over.

In my private practice in the last 16 years it became clear many young people were passing because of overdoses and suicide. In the media, addiction, mental illness and apparent and unexplainable suicides were “the reason” for crimes, and on the increase in communities at an alarming rate.

School shootings, group gatherings, soldiers and families torn apart because of murder by a spouse or even a child are in the news daily. This has not gone away, and in fact it has become a part of daily media reporting. In my twenty-five years as a Spiritual teacher, counselor and medium, helping families heal in their grief, understand the spiritual perspective and because of my own personal experience I have become a voice for many who can no longer speak in the physical.

One session changed the course of my practice forever. As I looked into the eyes of a grieving mother whose son had taken his own life, sharing with her the details of his last three weeks that he was showing me, and watching her transform from a grief-stricken mother who thought she missed something and could have done something to prevent his death to a mother who knew her son was okay, in the light, Heaven if you will, and wanting her to understand that it wasn’t him, that he watched himself and the “voice” 2 .

2 told him to do it. His words opened energetically, emotionally, a moment in my life fifteen years prior at that time that made me realize I had lived through a similar experience what I call a “pharmaceutical suicide”, an out-of-body experience with a real voice telling one to kill or die.

Unless you have felt this state or heard “the voice”, it is very difficult to understand. It is a zombie state created because the frequency of the energy field is so low (induced by pharmaceuticals) that the Spirit (energy) cannot inhabit the body. In theory this is called death, but in these cases the mind and body are still communicating.

The science behind this is that this is the lowest frequency on a cellular level we can experience. It is absent of positive charge or Light. Our Source or perception is that there is something beyond the physical, beyond the brain, that there is intelligence, creativity, compassion and love beyond our human potential.

Allowing us to express beyond this potential brings imagination into manifestation. As the voice told me, “You have evolved as a species technically but not spiritually, you are now in the consequence of that”… Makes you “feel something” doesn’t it?

In Spirit, an absence of Light is the lowest form of human expression possible to oneself or others. In the news it is often referred to as evil. Can this many be born evil? Evil is a frequency and in this frequency we can and will express. Just like love is a frequency and we will express in the frequency we are in. So these unexplainable and unimaginable acts of human behavior are when one is induced into the lowest frequency we can be in, where we think and act without compassion or consequence to oneself or another. That is evil, it is science and it now makes this a Spiritual issue. In order to begin to change what is happening we must look not for a solution...we need to accept it is a “Soulution” that is needed.

My own personal story is why I understand exactly what many unexplained suicides are experiencing.

One evening sixteen years ago, sharing the words and emotions of a young son in Spirit to his mother sitting before me, I was flashed back to my own experience.


His words were, “Mom it wasn't was the voice, I watched myself.”

Emotions of my experience in the emergency room because of hyperventilating, on only three anti-anxiety meds (over two days) came rushing back. I didn’t like how I felt when I took them. Like many, I was told to take the lowest dose possible, and I was given a week’s worth and told to go to my doctor for a refill, and to not stop taking them. Well, in fear I wouldn't be able to breathe again I figured that just a week was okay. It almost became my last. I threw them out, and made a big decision that had me "stressed out", but I smiled and knew all was okay.

Yet, the weird feeling came back 24 hours after the last pill. I had taken only three pills over the two-day period. I felt disconnected and suddenly saw myself walk across the living room. Twice I heard a voice say, "Get your gun and blow your head off.” I found myself gazing at a closet which at the time had a loaded handgun. In seconds the voice yelled those words again, but I yelled back, "Fuck you! I don't want to die!” Then the voice yelled back, louder...

I called a friend living a few doors down and told her to come over and get my gun out of the house. In a moment, thankfully, she was there asking what was going on.

At that point, for the third time, "the voice" yelled the same words again. When my friend arrived, I was in a death grip holding the couch and I felt like I had just snapped out of a bad dream...but before that as tight as I was holding on, I felt as though I was in a trance, floating toward the closet, toward the gun.

In her son’s message, I flashed back to the emotions of that day and remembered I had also heard that voice. I came across an interview of Robin Williams sharing his experience about a voice he would hear telling him to do bad things. Many soldiers have also shared about the voice they hear. Many have heard this voice.

Once again, we must open to the understanding of energy, vibration and frequency. Simply put, consciousness is measured in this way. A happy thought is high frequency, and a sad or angry thought is lower.


There is a Higher Power voice as well. We all know the symbolism of an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. So why is this so difficult to understand in main stream therapy? It’s because everyone seems to be afraid of the word ‘Spiritual’. Yet, this is Spiritual, and this is Science, and it is the answer to understanding anxiety, depression, illness, mass shootings and suicides.

We must open our mind and heart and let Spirit teach us about mental health, healing and living as a human being.

In some ways we have failed and in others excelled. All creativity comes from an intelligence of love and infinite knowledge and if we stop that communication, we will stop all things.

The night the mother left our session, she felt peace in her healing heart knowing her son did not do this on his own accord or that she missed something. Her son had been put on anti-anxiety meds only two weeks before, and he told her the second day he felt "weird" and did not like it. She called the doctor and was told he was on a very low dose and to not stop taking the meds as he would be would take a few weeks to work.

But the voice had another agenda.

The voice is the expression of consciousness in its lowest frequency. All we do is express as a human being. Our creativity, compassion and ability to feel love is in our Highest consciousness, in our spirit to live.

These meds drop us below the natural ability to feel and cope NATURALLY, to a low frequency with the chemical changes these meds make. We must understand what the side effects do to the mind from an emotional, Spiritual and energy standpoint to even begin to make healthy changes for our children, communities and our species.

I welcome a chance to share more, (yes there is much more) on how to help you and others understand the apparently unexplainable consequences of people who are overly or unnecessarily medicated.

Beth Lynch, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Medium: 888.271.4487.


1. Introduction


We must ask ourselves, “Are there this many children born with mental illness?” How can there be this many beautiful, creative human beings mentally ill? Have we done a disservice to many who truly need the assistance? Our nation has witnessed the decline of mental and emotional wellness and the death of hundreds of innocent people in the last decade. We saw the unthinkable at the Orlando nightclub, the murder of people at the Las Vegas concert, the death of Prince and the suicide of Robin Williams.

How far back can we go to see the trail of pharmaceutical connection to death and unexplainable suicide? There is the often publicized and conflicting reports of Marilyn Monroe’s bedside table with pill bottles, and let’s not forget Anna Nicole Smith who sadly had her decline of medication out there for the world to see.

We have veterans returning from overseas wars who feel they cannot go on when they return home, and lately it is not uncommon to hear about the murder-suicides with loved ones in our communities, and even in our own families. Chris Cornell, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain, the food and travel host on CNN, are among the latest but not the last.

Let us not forget so many innocent students who are victims of a school shooting. These are just a few examples of the many unexpected, unexplainable and unimaginable deaths our country has experienced, and there are many more that have occurred outside our borders in countries around the globe. The losses seem endless and the situation senseless, and we now accept that these events are not likely to go away but instead have become the new status quo.

Families are in search of the answer to “why” a loved one will take their own life when there were no signs. Often blaming themselves and living with an unimaginable guilt is when they search for a Higher understanding or answers. When investigators delve into


the causes for unimaginable crimes, domestic or random, they tend to fixate on the availability of guns, or a religious cause, a political cause, or a person's mental health, history of criminal activity, or as a response to being a social outcast. All these superficial reasons are not the real cause perpetuating these tragedies.

The conclusion offers one common denominator, and it’s that the person or people are suffering from mental illness. For the most part, we accept this conclusion because from our rational perspective we believe that anyone who could do such atrocities or self-destruction must be mentally ill.

However, we don't seem to make the connection that there must therefore be a lot of mentally ill people around us for this kind of social terror to be so constant. Do we honestly think there are this many mentally ill people born into this world? Maybe we’re misled because we subconsciously believe our society is changing so much under the influence of the media, technology or because of the extreme lifestyles we read about in the news, on television or in the movies, or because we see the rapid deterioration of the social values we accepted as children which formed us as we grew up.

But to believe these misconceptions only delays our understanding of what is truly the core issue. Yes, we have created a mentally ill society and that's because this three-way combination is toxic:

1. There is a tremendous abuse of prescription meds in our country

2. We don't understand the power of Spirit, of God or a Source, in our life.

3. We have suppressed creative and emotional expression.

This situation has to be understood before it can be changed. We are seeing families destroyed, crime after crime, and communities in mourning, because of these senseless murders and suicides done by someone, and sometimes children, who were unnecessarily prescribed harmful prescription medications.


What the Meds Do

First understand this is not med shaming, it is educating you on the effect pharmaceuticals can have on the Spirit or energy system, which will then have an effect on perception, emotional coping, intuition and creativity. Prescription medications can create an altered sense of reality. People living in these altered states can experience a distorted reality and irrational human behavior. The harm these medications are inflicting is accelerated because these people now are no longer just taking their own life, which is an “out of body” suicide, but instead are taking the lives of family members, friends, fellow classmates, and even crowds of strangers.

As caring individuals and community leaders, we need to educate on the effects these medications can have, particularly how they are corrupting the mental health of our children who grow up to be emotionless, living in altered realities. If you listen closely, sometimes you'll hear news stories with a person saying they committed a murder and felt like they were watching themselves or they heard voices. In more than one where a soldier was involved it is reported they reached out for help and heard voices. This is a clue that they’re disconnected from their energy/spiritual system; the medication they were taking prevents their healthy connection to their personality, to their physical expression.

It Is Science. It IS Spiritual.

In every case, every school shooting traces back to prescription medications. You hear “they were struggling with mental health issues”. You also hear “they were off their medication”. The facts will also reveal they may have recently had a dosage adjustment just put on or were struggling with taking them because of how they felt on them. I have learned through my own experience as well that it takes up to three months for the chemicals creating the frequency-drops to adjust, and therefore the distorted reality and


out-of-body episodes can still happen as much as three months later. Until there is widespread recognition of these medications are the cause for these horrendous acts, all we can do is pray for the family and the friends of those who will have to heal as they wonder why their child turned murderous, or was murdered by someone else's child. In a distorted reality this is not really hard to understand. Until we open to the Spiritual consequences the questions will remain and the unthinkable will happen. It is not the gun, it is the mind behind it. Without compassion and connectedness, we are an empty shell. The Spirit is the connector to our Source and our personality inhabiting the body. It holds the compassion, creative and intuitive essence we need as children and adults.

The Science

This disconnection between the soul and its physical manifestation can best be understood when we recognize the truth of what Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Albert Einstein

Medication has a frequency, lower than the human energy field would reach on its own. Two percent of those medicated actually “need” it to balance them. So that means ninety-eight percent are unnecessarily medicated. Whether it begins in childhood, in the teens or in adulthood, the facts show us too many are walking and driving under the influence and in a low frequency. This is Energy 101.

In order to be a conscious, compassionate and creative human being, we must vibrate or resonate within a frequency range that aligns us with a higher frequency, which is


also a connection to Source. Some would call this Source: Spirit, Oneness, God, Collective Consciousness. Call it what you like, but understand that it is the highest frequency Source of energy to which we are all connected. It is science, it is sacred, and a natural flow of intelligence, creativity and love that we all NEED to survive.

When a person is unnecessarily or over-prescribed, the energy vibration from some pharmaceuticals drops a person’s frequency level so low that the person is no longer capable of behaving as a higher frequency human being. When human consciousness drops into such low vibrations, one can go into distorted reality or completely into an out-of-body state.

In other words, they are in the lowest frequency possible and will express in this low frequency through the personality and body. Why, you ask? Because of the operating principles of the Law of Attraction. The person is magnetically drawn to the lowest form of human expression possible, which is evil. Yes, a word often used in the wake of a school shooter or a child who is medicated and living in a distorted, and in their mind, hopeless reality. This reality is aligning them with choices which connect with the frequency of death, attracting death to themselves and possibly to those around them.

Pharmaceuticals and Addiction

Addiction is a spiritual issue and a condition manifested by the fear of feeling. This condition often begins in childhood and is expressed in the teens and in adulthood. This condition does not always mean that the parents did something wrong. The emotions are forming between the ages of 6 and 12, and every experience a child has at these ages is like an emotional download right into their personality’s foundation. It is so important for us to understand this concept if we are going to change the future and become a species where addiction is understood and healed, because this is possible at the soul level.


The mainstream world does not understand addiction as a Spiritual topic, and therefore the missing link to healing is being left out. The key to understanding this issue is recognizing that these drugs cause separation from the Source that connects to the Spirit of life, creative expression, creativity, and compassion. It even influences one’s common sense. It is a Light that leads one intuitively, and the absence of Light is dangerous because the complete separation from the most powerful and natural Source we have creates loneliness, depression and anxiety, and yes, “mental health issues”. It is having a disconnect, an absence of God. Too often people smirk at this comment, but it is the Truth.

As a culture, as a society, we need to understand that an individual’s personality expresses what it has “downloaded” energetically from its perceptions of its family belief systems, its race, religion and even the economics it was born into. From a Spiritual viewpoint it is one’s Soul group. All of these different categories form a sense of security upon which the individual personality builds. There is no right or wrong, but it is measured in frequency and this determines what you magnetically align to and create in. These influences form the basis of the incarnation’s personality and unless a personality spends a good part of their lifetime transforming these energy patterns into higher frequency, or shall we say “healing what hurts”, the personality will express what it knows, which may or may not be a high-frequency expression.

In some cases, because of our present social condition, many souls are being born into low-frequency situations where alcohol, drugs, violence, premature sexuality, disrespect, and cynicism in authoritarian structures are pronounced. Many of these souls are being born into physical bodies already addicted because of the mother’s behavior and the low-frequency emotional messages in the birth and early childhood environments. Poor diets, physical dependence on alcohol or drugs, and a propensity for violent responses are already embedded in the cells physical representation, even before birth. This is immediately processing insecurity and fear into the consciousness.


These souls are resonating in the frequency of addiction which metaphorically corresponds to a black hole. In the universe, a black hole has a magnetic pull so strong that it retains emissions of light. The same thing is happening to the souls who are addicted, as their true essence Is subverted by their addiction, trapped in the black hole of addiction. When viewed from the Spiritual perspective, addiction is a frequency; raise the frequency and you can rise above the addiction frequency. This is called healing and explains how spiritual healing actually works.

From a Spiritual standpoint we must ask ourselves if these souls have accepted as the purpose of their experiences the goal of teaching the rest of us about the harmful and horrendous consequences of addiction. I would like to believe they came to heal themselves and share the intelligence of the Soul to help our species.

On the other hand, our souls are Divine by nature, and our divinity is the Source from which our creative gifts, our coping skills, our compassion and intuition flow. This information is critically important to all of us and can no longer be ignored. It is the essence of what it means to be a human being. This is the true science, and it is physical as well as spiritual. If we are to advance as a species, and not destroy ourselves with our wars, our opioids, our low-frequency behaviors, we must choose to live our incarnations joined to her true Source. We must no longer live separately from our true Source. If an addict is going to heal, they have to rise from the frequency of addiction, and the only way to do this, aside from the destruction of their physical incarnation, is to reconnect with the Divine Source.

It should come as no surprise that the Spirit World has been trying to help us, and many families have been taught and helped. In the years I have been channeling, I have been a grateful recipient of this information and have used it to help those who call upon me for healing.

Yet, as a species we have been resisting the Truth of our existence, and we have chosen to disregard the evidence that permeates the air we breathe. We are still at war 12

around the planet, we still fight over religion, our communities are in disarray, we continue to eat factory foods, and we rely on alcohol, drugs, and entertainment to numb our feelings to take away the pain of our disconnection from the Source. We still create discord because of the color of our skin, or because of territorial boundaries, or the dictates of who it is acceptable and unacceptable to love or marry. Children are still hungry and abused beyond imagination. The world is in serious pain and we must accept the Spiritual-Science before we can transform consciousness, past and present, for the future.

Until we understand the spiritual system that Is the foundation of our physical presence, until we understand, accept, and live consciously in the Energy System which defines who we are as spiritual and human beings, that affects how we think and feel, determines how we act and react emotionally all of our Earthly experiences, nothing will change. It is only when we realize that we are divine beings in human bodies that we will begin to heal and Sincerely make the changes necessary to our personal cultural survival. Not until then will we begin to heal.

People have a hole inside themselves they are not able to fill. Because they are disconnected from their Source and don’t realize this is the cause of their unfulfillment, they turn instead to drugs, to alcohol, to all forms of addiction. Addiction is the suppression of the emotions at a very low frequency level. In order to be released from addiction, the person must raise their frequency, but this is not possible unless a person first carries this perception in their conscious mind.

Where do we begin?

I believe in being open to another way to look at the problem so we can be open to another way of solving it. It often is mind-boggling to me how this is not talked about in the media. Are they afraid of the pharmaceutical companies? Clearly the side effects that are mentioned in the marketing says it all and for some reason thousands of beautiful, creative, compassionate, intelligent human beings are dying daily. This is


ignorance at its best. Ignorance from the Spiritual standpoint is “the ignoring of higher truth”.

If we ignore not only the facts given and disregard any Higher intelligence of compassion and power, then we will continue to energize the problem. This is already showing to be detrimental to our species. Children in schools, public gatherings, churches and in homes are showing expressions of the lowest frequency possible as a human being. There are not this many mentally “ill” children born into our world. We have created a society suppressing emotion, relying on chemicals to numb natural, creative expression. We are dying as a species. Yes, this is hard to accept but the reality is in front of us and we must begin to accept so we can heal, and express from our most sacred, intuitive and creative Self. Why else are we here?


2. The Problem

As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Addiction, reliance on a pill for emotional coping and focus, the opioid and heroin epidemic in our country today are destroying people of all ages, families, communities, our country and people around the world. The separation of the personality from the soul is the true cause of this crisis. This may be hard to comprehend at first, but once you understand the heart, mind, body and Spirit connection, this will make overwhelming sense.

These medications and drugs are having an enormous effect on our child and adult populations, and many people, including parents and even doctors, do not understand the depth of this problem. Over-prescribed medications at early ages are dangerous, a doorway to lifetime addiction... These drugs are not the kinds of drugs we are familiar with like penicillin, or the measles or smallpox vaccines. The drugs doctors are prescribing for focus, concentration, pain relief or for personality disorders are synthetics that are a lower frequency than the natural Source we need. These drugs drop the human energy field to a dangerously low vibration, they numb emotion, and dull creative expression.

Drugs like these destroy a child’s ability to grow up healthy and live a life of purpose, sabotaging the reason they incarnated.

People have been prescribed these medications as the common solution to problems that should not be treated with drugs. When you think about this logically, do you really think it’s possible that so many children can be born with mental illness, requiring drugs to overcome their affliction? Clearly, doctors have been using these drugs too casually and the result is that we now have a large and heavily addicted population. Millions of


people are taking prescription drugs, and these synthetic drugs are one of the main contributors to the social and spiritual problems we are facing as a nation today.

As souls, we chose to have a human experience on Earth. We also chose the family, the tribe, and the nation we would share our experiences with. We also chose the lessons we wanted to learn in this lifetime’s incarnation.

What we did not choose was a separation from our Source, from our sacred Source. People have different names for the Source, and some call it God, the Divine, Nature, the Great Spirit, the Universe, etc., but whatever name we choose to call it, separation from our Source creates chaos which is a result of the fear of being separated from the Source.

Just like everything else, this fear has its own specific frequency level which is subject to the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that acts like a gigantic magnet, manifesting conditions, relationships, and experiences of similar frequency to the emotional energy a person projects. When a person projects the fear of separation from Source, they attract similar fear-based people and fear-based experiences that support their fear-based convictions. People living in low frequency are constantly suffering because what they project consistently returns to them. They are caught in a cycle of repeating fear experiences. They project their fear and the fear comes back to them as a manifested reflection of their fear-energy, which reinforces their fear and sets the cycle to repeat over and over. Trapped in fear!

The truth is that we have evolved technically but we have not evolved Spiritually. Many of us have lost our connection with the Divine, God, or our Highest Source for assisting us in reaching our highest potential. We are like the Morlocks in H.G. Wells’s story, The Time Machine...highly advanced technologically, but incapable of using our technology for good. Because of this, we have allowed our medical advances to create spiritually detrimental consequences that now jeopardize the mental health of millions of people.


With millions of people compromised like this, our social frequency is vibrating lower than ever and has now become the dominant vibration of a new reality. We have lowered the common denominator of our vibrational level as a species!

This new reality is essentially emotionless, without feeling, distant and disconnected, separating the once-integrated elements of the human experience of physical, mental, and emotional spheres into unrelated components, and totally denying our spiritual sphere...compromising our humanity and limiting our capacity to engage each other with kindness and compassion, replacing these humane factors with isolation and primitive anger based on fear. Simply, we are thinking, feeling beings who are creative and compassionate, and we are here to express through personality and the body. When we take something out of the equation, like emotions for example, what is left? Thought-energy expressing itself without a source of love and compassion is hollow and empty. Technology without a consciousness is dangerous...and I believe we have proved this as a species.

Living in this abstract environment devoid of emotions creates psychotic splits from a natural, creative, and caring reality. Because of this separation from our Source, we are now seeing individuals and groups in our society in the form of terrorists and gangs who are now technically advanced but separated from the higher frequency of the Source and living in a fear-filled, powerful foundation using technological advances to grow and destroy what they fear. Do they even know? General mental imbalances and ill health in our population has spread like cancer, and is also a manifestation of the crisis of spiritual separation in our society.

In our journey on Earth, we carry our Source within us. This connection, like an umbilical cord between mother and child, provides our sense of security. It gives us the foundation to be kind and compassionate, to be understanding of each other, to survive and heal from the experiences we have on the Earth-plane...but when we separate from our Source, we become victims of fear because our only true foundation is


compromised. Separating from Source provides only a false foundation apart from our natural and sacred Source, and creates the illusory perception of belonging to members of our group (tribe, gang, terrorist cell…), all of whom are vibrating at the same low frequency and reinforcing the same recurring fear through the Law of Attraction.

Many souls never chose to drop to this low a frequency, but because of the pervasiveness of medical technology, millions of people have been taking these drugs. The drugs have transformed their personalities and reduced their normal human vibration to such a low frequency that their human will is subverted, undermined, eliminated. In effect, we have created a class of real-life zombies.

These medications numb the emotions, reducing the victims to a state of emotional paralysis. It’s extremely dangerous when a person can’t think clearly or feel their emotions. Many people today are struggling with their medically induced mental and emotional suppression and are expressing themselves in a low frequency which manifests as acts of violence and self-violence. We see examples of this behavior weekly in our media, with violent acts against family members, school shootings, suicides... Evil forms of expression are being committed because we have created a mentally ill society because of chemical changes from the drugs being put into our children to help them focus and learn.

Recreational drug use has always been part of the species way to overcome social insecurities and that in reality won’t change. Meds for symptoms and pain relief and certain treatments naturally are never going away in our lifetime. This is not a med shame, as some have expressed in my social media. It is, however, meant to educate and help people understand that the side effects you are actually told are real!

In my reflective times with Spirit and in client sessions, it has been communicated that we should have never labeled addiction a “disease” because we surrendered and lost our inner power and free will to heal. In reality it is “dis-ease” of the mind and one’s reality, in turn the Universal Law working no matter what is aligning through emotional


magnetics, is the physical expression to manifest. Relationships, all experiences, are now in that frequency. This is Spiritual-Science at its best. In order to heal addiction, we must be out of the frequency of addiction. This is what healing is from the Spiritual Science perspective. Have any other forms been proven to heal? We are wired from Spirit to heal this condition; the dis-ease of the mind can be put “at ease” when we embrace our true nature, purpose and Source.

It is dangerous not to be connected to our Source, and you can see this in the news. However, we’ve allowed this misdirected de-evolution to happen, and we need to take responsibility for it...and I believe we are beginning to do so now. There are many people shifting their frequency, lifting their energy and being grateful, thanking God (Spirit, Source…) and turning their lives around through self-work and higher practices because otherwise I think we probably would have disintegrated ourselves by now!

I believe there are so many Lightworkers and others that care about themselves, their path, the growth of their loved ones and doing good to and for each other and themselves, that the energy of love is now growing stronger even as we experience the darkness (absence of light) of those who are afflicted by the toxic medications that are directly and indirectly killing people and destroying the intended life experiences of the souls who came to walk a different path in this lifetime.

Recognizing that in our purest sense we are “energy beings”, and that our congregation of souls have created a society that is intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually deprived, we must also recognize that the Source is sacred, intelligent beyond what we are capable of comprehending, a natural source of wisdom and love, and that reconnecting with it will heal and restore the lives of those who are afflicted either directly or indirectly by the nightmare of drug addiction and spiritual separation.

Let me say this more clearly: The Source can heal! Reconnecting with Source can heal and restore the spirit to live as creative, compassionate and intuitive beings. This is the natural way!


I’ll talk more about this later in the chapter on identifying the solution, but let me take a moment longer to explain why there is a need for intuitive intelligence and trust, and how that has been destroyed for many people.

On the bright side, we live in an age of growing enlightenment, even though the forces of darkness appear to be stronger and larger. I’m sure you’ve heard that we are living in the Age of Aquarius, which is a metaphor for spiritual awareness, growth, ascension, and love. It is generally believed by those who are Awake and Aware that each generation appearing on Earth is more and more connected to the soul level, meaning that each generation is birthed into the Earth-plane at a higher frequency than the generation before. As these new generations arrive, most of these souls are aware that their connection to Source is necessary to be a productive and healthy human being.

Being a productive and healthy human being also means being compassionate and loving. Our access to the soul level is available through our intuition. You’ve heard of the sixth sense. In our knowingness, we recognize the five material or physical senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, and have also recognized our intuitive sense, the sixth sense, as being available to us as much as any of the other five senses. That’s to our credit. We don’t seem to trust it as much, yet we give it credence in our lives. That’s because the spiritual part of us is “smarter” than the physical part of us!

Children trust intuition unconditionally. They trust from the Soul wisdom more than adults. Most adults usually try to use logic and rationalize this form of energy and truth that is pure, emotional, and inhabits the realm of feelings, not mind, and has a strong vibration.

The Indigo children are regarded as the first wave of highly psychic and intuitive children to arrive on Earth. Many of them are now in their mid-to-late-30s and are struggling with addiction. Because they were a more advanced incarnation, more intuitive, sensitive to energy of the physical, and really here to change the direction and assist in the evolution of consciousness, they feel everything and are often


overwhelmed by it. The traditional belief systems and treatments would not work for them, so man created medications that suppressed and lowered frequency beyond what the energy field was ever meant to be in. So many were given medication to cope, focus and calm down. What it did was suppress their creativity, numb emotional growth and expression and disconnect them from the spirit of life. We were destroying the very people who were incarnating to advance our society because of a lack of understanding about the essence of our Spirituality.

Then along come the 20-somethings who are even more intuitive, creative and filled with the energy of healing with love. They are even more sensitive to emotion and the search for higher meaning and living for a higher purpose, but they had a propensity for getting lost even more deeply in their lower desire-body. This creates patterns that are fear-based and results in negative behavior that can be described as evil. We are seeing evil among some of our youngest people, more so than ever before. Remember that energy knows no physical age, and the further we are from our Source, our Truth, the less compassion and love we feel toward ourselves and others. In other words, we have no remorse, no conscience, and this results in extremely destructive patterns of behavior either toward other people in the form of terror activities, or toward one’s-self through self-destruction in a variety of ways...poor choices, poor marriages, alcohol and drug addiction, self-mutilation, abuse, and suicide.

At some point, an individual’s sense of responsibility has to come into play. Is it the first pill or needle? Somewhere there is a first time. The knowledge we have on addiction points directly to the suppression of feeling. We are a thinking and feeling species of spiritual beings, but when we go against what is natural, we create inner and outer conflict.

I have worked with many teens and 20-year-olds in the last fifteen years and the ones who choose to meditate and connect with their Spirit begin by taking responsibility or as I say,”respond-to-their-abilities”; they continue to heal and feel the positive spirit of


living, mending relationships, expressing their creativity and feeling the love around and in them, far from the vibration of addiction. The ones who don't take responsibility end up in the cycle of addiction or in an experience resulting in death. This is tearing families apart and often physical death brings a sense of relief, unwanted, of course, which then usually causes tremendous pain in their grief-stricken families who are themselves often medicated to get through their pain, and the cycle expands and continues. The truth can hurt, but we have to start seeing this situation clearly and take responsibility for the good and bad choices we make...or we're in for more generations of soul-separation and the consequences of that.

Whatever vibration you are exhibiting, this is what is going to magnetically draw toward you through your emotions. It’s interesting to note that addiction forms between the ages of 6 and 12 which is exactly when the sacral chakra forms or is getting its balance in the soul’s physical expression, the developing human body. The sacral chakra is the second chakra, located just below the belly button, and it influences relationships and the expression of emotions. This is the connection between addiction and emotions. A person who becomes addicted is suppressing their emotions. They are choosing not to feel; whether it’s recreational, relaxing with a glass of wine, or over indulging with food, shopping, gambling, sex...the person simply does not want to feel anything and only wants to be in a relaxed state. They are numbing an emotion. We see extremes of this because we’ve evolved as a species technically, we have devolved to a lower frequency, a lower expression that is technically advanced as opposed to being spiritually balanced.

As a soul grows into their high-teens and 20s, he or she comes into their power. Young, invincible, usually strong and virile, beginning to live on their own, going out into the world...but if the soul is addicted and running in low frequency, those negative (the negate of light) emotions are affecting the soul’s power center, which is the third chakra, located at the solar plexus. Guess what happens?


When the lower frequency is in charge, we see negative (negate of light or low frequency) repeating patterns. This dark experience continues until the soul raises the frequency level and changes its responses and elevates the messages to the Law of Attraction by becoming responsible as a thinking, feeling being, as an intellectual, emotional being connected to Source. Intelligence and healthy emotions are forms of energy that come from Spirit, of course. As long as there is a gap between the soul and Source, low frequency patterns will keep repeating. By reconnecting with Source, negative patterns will be released and replaced with healthy human behavior, which means a proper balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Corporations are what’s running the mental health show in our country today. It always coming down to prescription medications and how they are destroying our society by destroying our ability to feel. When we don’t feel, our thoughts are at a low-frequency level. The drugs change perception, they create lower body desires which then drop into the lowest form of human expression; this is called evil.

Curiously, this human situation was “predicted” by Aldous Huxley in his famous novel, Brave New World, in which a futuristic society is controlled by psychological and pharmacological manipulation. Huxley’s vision is chilling when compared with our own current state of social devolution and reliance on synthetic drugs.

The question that now comes up for discussion is, “Why aren’t we approaching mental health from this perspective?” Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at the evidence.


3. The Evidence

Clearly, there is an abundant amount of evidence about the drug, opioid, and heroin problem we have in our country, which has been going on for some time now. This is not the kind of evidence I’m referring to. The kind of evidence I’d like you to consider is evidence that points to the separation of the soul from its body, rendering the life-experience to a low-frequency that inhibits the soul’s ability to achieve the purpose for which it incarnated. This is the Spiritual-Science of addiction.

The first example are the gifted children that appear regularly in the news. The media showcases their talents for playing a musical instrument, or dancing with masterful ability, or having genius-level mathematics skills at the age of eight or 10 years old. These children achieve huge success at an early age and their creative expression is exceptional, but because of their young age and physical maturity, their second chakra has not fully developed and they have not reached the level of emotional learning that’s necessary for handling the stresses of their fame.

It may not be easy for most of us to understand the amount of pressure these advanced souls are experiencing, and their parents perception of their child’s situation unfortunately falls into the predominant medical pattern of providing drugs to help their children deal with the stressors. The children are put on antidepressants to cope with their emotions, to help them with the anxiety of the pace of their performance expectations, and this becomes the beginning of their dependence and addiction. Sadly many parents, pediatricians and schools believe they are helping. Again, the problems have increased and become more unimaginable. Remember Einstein’s quote.

The creative energy of these children is off the chart, but by giving them these medications, we’re suppressing their creativity, in effect separating their spiritual connection to the Source of this creativity, and their Spirit to live. The misunderstanding of the word ‘Spirit’ has turned many away from the truth and expression of the human


potential. Has human potential ever been enough? No, we are an insatiable species in our humanness, But our Spirit is fulfilled, compassionate, intuitive and powerful. It knows naturally the boundaries of desire. It is not about religion, it is living to a potential of happiness, health and abundance we deserve, something we should all hope and strive for as adults, for ourselves, the children, our communities and for our world.

It won’t take you long to reflect on the great number of creative human beings who have suffered public humiliation, or committed suicide. This seems to happen on a regular basis, and always the common denominator is medication. The death of Robin Williams, and other comedians and those in the spotlight touches us because we are all energetically connected, we “feel” emotional at the news of their passing because we are compassionate, connected and we are One. Many spiritual teachers from eons ago until now teach this, not because of their opinion, but because of the passion and love beyond Self, the higher desire to help our species, heal, love and live to the potential of the Soul. Yes, we all have one or you would not be here. This is not religion, this is Spirit which supplies the personality and body to survive.

Mr. Williams was such a beautiful human being who made so many laugh and feel his Spirit. The details may vary but the common denominator is always there and it is what happens to a person who relies on medication instead of meditation, instead of connecting with the Source of our soul and of all life. He even said in an interview, “There’s a lower power voice that tells me to do bad things”. As I shared, I heard that voice and lived through it and this is why I am passionate about educating on the Spiritual-Science, meditation and the consequences of unnecessary and over prescribing of medication.

Here is another example of a soul’s separation. Not too long ago I was watching one of those mystery documentary news-type shows about a woman who was obsessed about a man she knew. The man did not know this woman had a bipolar disorder and had been diagnosed manic-depressive. She was on medications for her condition. They


were highly compatible, both being outdoorsy, enjoyed rock-climbing and mountain biking but the relationship, like all, began to reveal her truth.

Even though the man was committed to her, she couldn’t control her jealousy and insecurity and eventually the man had to end the relationship. However, the woman contacted the man and told him she was pregnant, which was not the case. (Distorting reality). They got together again, but it didn’t make any difference and after several weeks told her that she had to go. That’s when the woman pulled out a gun and put it to his head and killed him. She tried to make it look like a murder/suicide and even though she tried to shoot herself in the head three times, she survived. The documentary used this as an example of her state of mind, her distorted reality, her inability to cope with common human emotions, and because of the pharmaceutically induced condition. When she was interviewed by the media team, she said the words I’ve heard from the Other Side so many times before. Her words were, “But I don’t remember doing it. I was like on the ceiling, watching myself.”

Clearly this woman was out-of-body. If you’re not familiar with this term, it means that the woman’s consciousness had separated from her physical incarnation and she was no longer in touch with what her body was doing. In this state, you are a thinking and physically capable being with no Source of compassion, love or consciousness. You are basically the walking dead. The media reported that she had these mental health issues and she was being treated for them with this medication, but the connection between her taking the medication and having a synthetically-induced separation of her spirit from her Source was a perspective that was beyond the abilities of the media team to report. I kept thinking, “Don’t they see what really happened?”

The woman was saying “I wasn’t in my body.” Now she’s in prison for life. Can you imagine how many cases in the criminal justice system exist because of the influence of prescription medications? It boggles my mind to think about how not only we have improperly treated medical conditions by using synthetic drugs which only complicate


the problem, but we have also allowed families and lives to be destroyed, and overwhelmed our prison system with the unnecessary influx of people whose lives could have been saved had they only received the proper treatment.

The Law of Attraction is working in the frequency you are perceiving in your life. How many crimes have been committed and the person says “I saw myself do it!” I’ve heard it so many times the Spirit world over the last two decades that I’ve lost count. “I saw myself. I didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t me”…because they are out-of-body. Their frequency is so low in their energy field that their Spirit cannot maintain a connection to Source, to the connection where we express compassion, love and feel consequence.

Our physical body systems cannot maintain its health without Source. We need a healthy frequency to function otherwise we drop into the vibration of what we call evil. When your relationship with your Higher Self is completely severed, you are in the lowest form of human expression possible. Your consciousness is exempt, devoid of Spirit, it’s negative (negate of Light) energy. Since energy will always express itself no matter what frequency it’s in, negative behavior will result.

We are a smart species, and when we’re out of body, when we’re disconnected from Spirit, we are Soulless, unable to feel consequence with compassion. Death from causes like car accidents, heart attacks and even cancer are looked at as more acceptable or natural. Of course, these are all shocking ways to die and our unhealthy society should eradicate the poor health practices that make these the leading cause of death in our country, but our children are seeing death in a whole new way. Now it’s not just grandma and grandpa passing away after a relatively long life, but instead their spouses, siblings, aunts, uncles, are dying in unimaginable ways from addictions to prescribed medications or to the opioids their family and friends use when the prescription meds run out.


It’s important that the children know why this is happening, so they don’t have to follow unwittingly in these tragic footsteps. Just recently there was the story of the young football player. A 16-year-old killed his father and mother. These kinds of stories are not uncommon. The child was being treated for mental illness, was taking medications and had in out of body experience. His frequency dropped and he was no longer in control.

The media reported he killed his parents over a pair of sneakers they wouldn’t buy for him, but it wasn’t the sneakers. It was because the medications lowered his vibration and separated his spirit from his body. Again, it was an inability to cope with a simple disappointment, a split from reality that was completely distorted. Most likely he had been living in that frequency.

Often you hear of a troubling childhood in these cases. When we are no longer connected to the Source of where we come from and who we truly Are, how could we behave normally? When your frequency drops like this, you separate from your Godself, or the essence of God, or Eternal Light, and you’re so far away, you’re like a puppet on a string whose strings have been cut. You become like a zombie, and because energy will always express itself, this is the kind of behavior and outcome that’s appearing more and more often on our streets and in our homes.

Whatever your belief is, the absence of light is dark, the absence God is the essence of evil. Evil is behavior that expresses from the lowest frequency possible, and it’s the medications that are creating this separation of spirit from Source.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from my clients about their families and how their families have been affected by these prescription medication nightmares. Recently a woman came to me after her brother had committed suicide. Her brother in spirit came through, a natural experience, and he showed me the car in which he had shot himself. He also showed me the prescription bottle. They adamantly denied he was on meds. He showed me the glove box. After they left, the prescription bottle was found in car’s glove box. The family had no idea he was using prescription medications, but now they had the proof that he was a pharmaceutically induced suicide and they understood why.


In our session, he told us he didn’t commit suicide to hurt anybody. There was no particular reason why he committed suicide. There’s no point in asking “Why?” because the “whys” go away when you understand what really happened. People on prescription medications have a psychotic split and are not capable of thinking or feeling in a normal, wholesome way. There is no reasoning, there is no logic, there is just separation from the Divine Spirit-energy. The body is on its own…the personality is lost fog of prescription medication and is responding in a low-frequency at a level that is the basis for evil, and the lowest expression of human energy and behavior possible. These medications can yo-yo your emotions and thoughts like a bungee cord. We have created a mentally ill society because of these medications, and we have to reverse this tragic and unnatural situation. The most powerful, if not only way to restore the mental wellness of society is by being in touch with our Divinity, your belief in something other than the physical senses can show you. It is energy 101, it is Spiritual-Science and it needs to be recognized. It is sacred, simple, natural and it is Universal Law.

Soldiers are also falling into the cracks of our mental health systems protocol. Another terrible story I heard was from a woman daughter killed herself accidentally with a heroin overdose. Her daughter had been in the military and served in Iraq. The daughter had been wounded in the military doctors prescribed medications to help her handle the pain and PTSD. According to their protocols, the pain medication only be allowed for a specific time, and then no more prescriptions could be available. The unfortunate thing is that this woman was still in pain and because she couldn’t get any more prescription drugs, she chose to alleviate her pain with heroin. The medication had not really helped, only numbed the pain. The emotions of PTSD are energetically on repeat in the subconscious. This creates disturbances in the nervous system leading to anxiety, depressed thought patterns, more disturbances...and the cycle continues. Eventually she overdosed and lost her life as many of our veterans have. Many fall victim to the pharmaceutical murder-suicides as well.

Here is a short article by Dan Roberts, stating that the real reason behind the mass


shootings we’ve witnessed are the powerful psychotropic drugs:

“Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it's not the weapons used. The overwhelming evidence points to the signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes. Multiple credible scientific studies going back more than a decade, as well as internal documents from certain pharmaceutical companies that suppressed the information show that SSRI drugs ( Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors ) have well known, but unreported side effects, including but not limited to suicide and other violent behavior. One need only Google relevant key words or phrases to see for themselves. is one popular site that has documented over 4500 "Mainstream Media " reported cases from around the world of aberrant or violent behavior by those taking these powerful medications.”

Of course, prescription medications are not the only source for all the evil we see happening in our communities and around the world, but with the increase in prescription medications there has definitely been a corresponding increase in terrorist shootings, school shootings, domestic violence and murder, and suicides.

As we contemplate the extent of damage prescription medications are having on our society, and possibly on the lives of people we know, a number of pertinent questions come to mind. In the next chapter we’ll ask and answer a few of the more compelling questions before moving into considering ways of making adjustments that establish healthier patterns of living as spiritual beings having human bodies and experiences.


4. The Questions

Appearing below are a list of six questions this chapter briefly considers. With a situation as pervasive as the effects of prescriptive medications on our society and its impact on the lives of the people we know and love, the questions can be endless, but these questions will help define the larger pathways of dialogue necessary to have in your own home, or in community gatherings established to lead people to a mature understanding of how the current situation evolved and the strategies necessary for returning our communities to all levels of health, including Spiritual health.

The answers offered here are not exceptional in any way…they are just a means for organizing our thoughts and feelings so we can collectively or individually come to an understanding that will lead to taking corrective, wholesome, dedicated steps forward to a comprehensive solution benefiting everyone.

1. What’s happening?

Millions of people in our country and around the world are consuming prescription drugs which are altering the quality of human life so extremely that they have become addicted and lost their personal connection with the Divine within. The separation of the human personality from the Divine Source lowers the frequency of the human incarnation which then behaves at a low vibration. The personality adheres to others like itself, forming bonds with its tribe, group, or cell through the Law of Attraction. The interaction of these low vibrational energies often leads to violent behavior toward others in the form of shootings, or toward the destruction of themselves.

2. Why is this happening?

This destructive situation exists because human beings are choosing to heal themselves through prescriptive medications rather than through the elevation of their


vibrational level. As a species we have devolved, not evolved, from our understanding of and connection with Source. Since every one of us is a manifestation of Source, and every one of us carries the Divine connection to Source within us, it should be easy to heal ourselves with the highest vibrational energy…which is a natural, organic part of us. The situation exists because we do not seek our Source, do not activate the Divine energy within, and so we devolve to use our human minds to seek human solutions for our human bodies…not remembering that we are Divine souls having a human experience.

3. Who is it happening to?

All of us on planet Earth are experiencing separation from Source to some degree. Some have more and some have less separation than others. Only the most Enlightened souls, some of whom came to show the rest of us the way at their own great peril, may be fully in touch with the Divine, but everyone has a purpose to evolve to their most creative, compassionate and loving Self, which is Divine. How we do that is our personal choice and free will.

4. Can it be stopped?

I believe the belief in understanding the spirit to live as a loving, compassionate, creative and intuitive human being is our purpose. As well, we are to not ignore there is more to who we are, that our intelligence and technology comes from a more intelligent and loving Source wanting the best for us, and where the spiritual and science is respected as One, which is achieved by reconnecting with the Divine…the Divine within, and the Divine which has materialized as everything appearing around us. Once we reconnect with the Divine, the blessings of being connected to the Divine we become ourselves again, fully operational in the way we were intended to live here on Earth, with an integrated physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual presence.


For a person suffering with addiction, the path to recovery and self-actualization may not be easy...which could be an understatement for many. It is instilled in us that it will take hard work in most cases to release the chains of addiction. Instead, let’s look at it as being devoted to healing our mind through the Spirit so the heart can express through the personality and body. Choose to walk the path of recovering the Spirit of living and follow the guidance of our Inner Light.

Our souls want this for us, and our Spirit will guide the personality in regaining their life’s purpose. It takes dedication, firm commitment, intrinsic motivation. There are many examples of souls that have accomplished this difficult but existential task. There will be setbacks, periodic failure, difficult physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual moments, but this is the nature of our growth as a human being with or without chemical addiction, and even those who truly want to restore their lives and Divine purpose can do so, and will find they are helped all along their path.

5. What can I do about this to prevent it in my life and the lives of my family and friends?

The Divine gives us many ways to achieve our goals. One of the most powerful ways is to establish a loving home where each member in your home feels loved and recognized, connected and important. When this attitude and practice is established and nourished, it will flourish and chemical addiction is unlikely less likely to ever get a toehold in the lives you care about.

Another thing to be aware of is the use of medicine and painkillers. We have fostered a medically dependent society, and people look first to Western medicines for relief of everything, no matter how minor. Taking drugs for pain suppression may be necessary, but it has to be carefully monitored and controlled. It’s far too easy to become comfortably numb and exist in a half-world...which then becomes the predominant reality and existence, erasing the will and allowing the soul to drift into a living death. The Spirit, through intuition and even moments of magical awareness, will guide us. I


have lived this, I have spoken to my own face of addiction and the out-of-body suicide moment. I am here to speak on it as I was asked to over 15 years ago by Spirit. We must listen for the Higher Power voice.

6. What can we do as a community?

We need to support each other so we can benefit from each others’ strength and wisdom. Each community can decide what works best for itself; one of the ways to build community in your community is to hold meetings so people can come together to share their stories, gain insights on how to end the epidemic in their town or neighborhood, find solace and support, and understand that it’s the disconnection of the persona from Spirit that is the essential cause for the scourge that is afflicting millions of lives.

Schools need to open to educating children on mindfulness and compassion. Why are we afraid of these topics in our schools? It is NOT a religious issue. It is, however, a higher-minded way of tapping a Supreme Intelligence of love, compassion and creative expression. Maybe we need to evaluate what we really want for our children and future generations. Mental health clinics must start wanting to add the practice of mindfulness so people can feel the Spirit and hope for their future. Too many are living day-to-day thinking they do NOT HAVE A CHOICE. Think about that for a moment.

It is imperative that there is wholesome education about the reason for addiction and its spiritual solution or “Soulution”, teaching that a spiritual pathway must be established to rebuild the natural bridge that normally exists for souls having a human experience on Earth but which is disrupted when chemicals or fear-based beliefs abort this organic connection. A foundational understanding, and then a deepening of this understanding must be fostered and strengthened so that by being aware of the true cause of disenfranchisement, it can be consciously corrected, and even avoided in the first place.

Discussion is often a healthy human tonic for this toxic experience, and is a good way to voice the fears that accompany drug addiction. When discussion leads to a plan of


action that can be supported by the community, the results can be significant, both for healing and preventing. As I say, “Educate before you medicate”.

The additional aspects of the spiritual connection for healing from addiction includes lessons about the Law of Attraction and how this universal law is propelled by energy that magnetizes to the level or value of emotional expression being produced. Each of us is creating emotions that have an electromagnetic charge, or power. The “electro” in electromagnetic is the intelligence or intellect of the human entity, and the “magnetic” is the emotional energy of the human entity. The electromagnetic charge we produce is the ethereal energy that empowers the shaping of the earthly forms we receive in the material world we inhabit as spiritual beings having a human experience. In other words, each of us is shaping the conditions of all the things around us, and what we hold onto in our lives. If you wish to be enlightened, live and love the way you truly were meant to do, and respect, nurture and use these principles.

7. How can I learn to both feel and know my Divine connection?

The answer is always to trust the feelings you're having. This is your intuitive nature. It is natural and powerful and waiting for your permission every day to flow through you. Since you are reading this material right now, something is opening inside your heart. Allow yourself daily devotion or meditation moments throughout the day so you can be in a higher state of awareness and intuitively open for the choices and the challenges that comes from being a beautiful human being, which is what you truly are. You have received a great gift and honor to be given a turn at being incarnated so you can be here and where you are right now. This is a Divine inheritance you chose when you were on the Inner Planes of existence. Even those who challenge you the most, or especially those who challenge you the most in your journey have also incarnated at this time to serve their higher purpose as well as to also be your teachers. You are having experiences with them in which you can learn about who you are and who you


truly can be. Some of those people you will let go of, and some you will continue with...and some you haven't even met yet.

8. What can we do to guide the children and youth?

This is something we cannot neglect anymore. Our children and their children will pay the consequences if we do not take these truths, these understandings, these simple perceptions, and allow them to become the foundation of who our children are. However, the best opportunity for this to work for your children is when it is also the foundation of who YOU are. You are reading this material and beginning to learn and understand because somewhere inside yourself you have felt the need to ask the questions of “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” Parenting and guardianship is sacred. We must cherish the innocence and intelligence of the children of the world. They are our teachers, healers and leaders.

Allow yourself to take these principles and apply them for a week, or even just one day, and see where this acceptance of thought, feeling and behavior takes you. Once you do, you’ll find yourself having feelings you will not be able to deny, feelings of being powerful and loved, and you will discover a source of strength and energy you could never find outside yourself. Later, in Chapter 7, you’ll find a practice that can liberate you from all fear and provide the path your soul came here to discover. In the meantime, let’s explore how to begin changing the way you think and feel so you can allow new possibilities to come into your life and the lives of those you love.


5. Reorienting to a New Way of Thinking, Feeling …

and Being

Begin by NOT being afraid of the Spiritual connection. We are all Spirit/energy before we are physical. The separation from Spirit, our Source, creates a search outside oneself to find answers, solutions, guidance from all that the material world appears to give, but this is only more illusion because instead of fulfilling a searching soul, the material world does not give. The manifested form of Spirit, which is a spiritual being having a human experience, is in search of the feeling of security that comes from belonging, being loved, loving others, and having a comfortable balance of wealth and health.

Clearly, we need to change our social and cultural beliefs and biases about drugs of all kinds, whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, hallucinogens, or prescription medications. Addiction IS suppression of emotion. In different measure, each of them takes us further away from our natural ability to feel. We must allow ourselves to feel sadness, anger and grief, in order to heal.

I have seen families put on medication because of a loved one passing in more natural circumstances. For example, old age. Does this diminish sadness or grief? No, but we must accept the natural process of death. In instances of children, young adults and spouses whose death we perceive as “too young”, medication can assist in the one being able to cope in the shock. This should be short term, with doctor supervision and Spiritual council or mentorship. Belief in the Spirit connects us to the understanding of eternity, and we NEED this when those we love pass on. Whether it is traditional, metaphysical or science, we need to know we will see them again.

If pharmaceuticals have been used in early childhood development, the emotional coping skills have been tampered with. The child’s creative abilities have been dulled


and the ability to feel compassion from the Soul becomes frozen. Distorted realities can begin creating pharmaceutically induced depression, bipolar and schizophrenic episodes. In other words, these drugs will create out-of-body experiences. School shooters, soldiers, domestic terrorism and domestic violence all have a common denominator: that the perpetrator was on pharmaceuticals for mental illness.

Many have shared they heard voices to tell them to or that they felt like they were observing. This is the psychotic split that can go on for a period of time. As I shared in my personal experience, it only took two days with three pills to hear the voice and feel like I was observing my self.

I’ve enjoyed working with many teenage clients over the years. I currently serve a nearby high school, providing instruction on meditation and spiritual knowledge and practices, so I’m quite familiar with the complexities of being a teenager.

One of my teenage clients had wonderful loving parents. She told me her parents told her they loved her every night, exchanged good night hugs, and there was no lack of showing each other true affection and love. Yet, this teenage girl was on medication to help her with focus and mood swings. Because she was told and TAUGHT she needed it, she accepted the anxiety and depression like it was okay. The consequences of low self-esteem, loss of quality sleep, poor diet, and struggles with her grades were evident, as was her search for love and acceptance outside of herself. Self-harm and suicidal thoughts were daily.

We are seeing way too much of this and we are actually in some ways accepting it! We must change the course of this epidemic. For our children’s future! Many of the pharmaceuticals will cause more anxiety. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the commercials; the side effects are listed any given evening from 8:00 pm to midnight. It is appalling the pharmaceutical commercials are sending subliminal messages and clearly brainwashing. Remember Aldous Huxley’s quote:


"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

With her mother literally pleading for help of some kind because she seemed to be declining, I structured a meditation program for her and did Inner Light Healing energy sessions to get her aligned. She began meditating regularly, once a day for five minutes. She was consistent, and after two weeks she confided in me that this was the high she’d been searching for, and it was natural, there were no side effects, it wasn’t dangerous, and it wasn’t illegal. She has since graduated from high school with honors and continued on to college. She is a beautiful young woman, confident and happy. This could have easily gone in another direction.

This is what everyone is searching for, this natural feeling of bliss, confidence, a moment or slowness of thought, the experience of peace, and an awareness that creative expression comes from this vibration as well. When a person is using drugs, they’re actually trying to suppress emotions they don’t want to feel.

When we are born, symbolically, we all get the same deck of cards. The difference is how we choose to play those cards. There are many variations and factors influencing us; each of us has a trigger that we incarnated to explore, heal, resolve, understand, use as a tool to help leverage growth and more Light into our life, to further our soul’s growth and quest for purification.


There are so many differing factors, but the bottom line is we are trying to suppress

something that hurts, or makes us sad or confused or angry, and when we are in that state of suppression we don’t have to think about or feel the pain. In a low frequency, we become increasingly susceptible to the consequences of that low frequency because that’s what we’re magnetizing through the Law of Attraction. It gets easier and easier to continue down the wrong path because the numbness increases and the path for positive life change becomes narrower and narrower as the mists increase.

We are a thinking, feeling species, but with drug use we are numbing our ability to feel, which is going to keep our thoughts in a very stagnant, almost dead zone. By being in such a low mental frequency, that’s only going to energize even lower vibrational thinking which then further lowers the emotional vibration...and the downward momentum spirals lower and lower.

When you’re using a drug for the suppression of feeling, you drop into the frequency of addiction. Addiction has a frequency, of course, and obviously you can get stuck in that frequency which holds you in addiction. Once you’re trapped in the frequency of addiction, patterns easily repeat. Because the Law of Attraction cannot determine your intention, it can feel like a lifelong battle. Imagine if we treated addiction with the wisdom of the Soul, allowing one to believe it is now in their will to heal (raise the frequency) and let the Law do the work. This gives more hope to a person than feeling hopeless and trying to do something seemingly impossible.

The Soul is already in a state of pure love. Most addicts do not have a sense of self love to help them heal, therefore relying on others to fill a void. Everyone’s details will be different of why, but a common denominator is pharmaceuticals in childhood or by college. The medications for focus and anxiety is an epidemic and has become a gateway to the 20-something generation’s addictions. Divine source deepens and could become impossible to ever have again in this incarnation.


Prescription meds appear to be the worst of all drug addictions because they drop the

frequency lower than the energy field ever thought of being, and people get caught here and now they are functioning in that, manic-depressive, and evil. This is why we’ve evolved as a species to the current social and political situation we are witnessing, because we have forgotten the Spirit of life and the Spirit of Who We Really Are.

When you have millions of people in these low frequencies, in the depths of those low vibrations, the result is the world we now have. We have to raise the vibration. We have to heal what is sad, by raising the frequency of what makes us sad. Looking at something in nature and taking advantage of the moments when the vibration can be raised naturally is a basic, simple solution, a start. There are people walking around who are not even open to that. Whether addiction got them into this negative space or their tribal energy brought them there, the healing must begin.

Sharing negativity only devolves our human experience, feeds the darkness, pushes our awareness, our Divinity, our humanness into the lower realms. Some people love to share the negate of Light on social media, stepping forth to share that low energy again and again. I say, don’t you see what you’re doing? You’re energizing something dark and evil, something that speaks against our highest good, and there’s some people that get that...and some people that don’t.

But when we share a positive thought or express a positive feeling, we are raising our energy. When we say a kind word or do an act of service, we are raising the energy. When we show compassion and express affection and love, we are raising the energy, increasing the vibration, accentuating the positive frequency.

Change for the better, for the positive, for goodness and Light begins with recognizing the reason for the situation that exists, and then elevating our thinking and feeling so we can raise the vibration sufficiently to heal ourselves from our afflictions by using our


spiritual abilities to augment, sustain and blossom the effects of the Divine in our human

lives and in our Spirit.

Now that we have recognized the need to accept change and possess the beginning of the idea about what needs to change, let’s discuss the proposed solution in depth and describe in detail how to make this effective solution work.


6. The Proposed Solution and How to Make it Work

While the opioid crisis is well-known, the challenge of getting people into an effective rehabilitation program is a challenge when approached from the traditional methodology...which, of course, is how our Western medicine cabal wants to treat it. You must remember that our society is ill in many ways, and though our science has eradicated smallpox (almost) and the gift of penicillin can fight bacterial infection, and we have put people on the moon, we are still afflicted in many ways that science and medicine has so far been unable to resolve.

When our leaders consider how to contain and end the opioid crisis, they are thinking about the typical approach, which is therapy, different drugs, and re-entry training programs. A crisis of the magnitude we are facing represents a gigantic new industry that will make corporations billions of dollars, so the fix is already in. Do not expect the government to end this crisis in any other way then by throwing money at it and using traditional Western medicine methods. This “in the box” thinking will only help a small proportion of people while the rest will live diminished lives in some new altered zombie existence...because the REAL issue is not being addressed.

We can no longer bandage the wounds, but with many in separation from Source, the cycle of society’s self-destruction seems inevitable. If we are going to allow more to be intellectually and emotionally altered we are in for generations of learning the hard way. Our government and corporate band-aids will have almost no effect and the problem will deepen, leaving the further scarring of lives, unhealed dysfunctional families, and a crippled national persona requiring a continuing and ever-expanding need for ineffective services.

These systems cannot take care of this overload of illness and crimes, either socially or economically. Our systems are already learning the hard way. How much more can our


communities take? Are you happy with this? Thank the Divine that you are reading this

book and not a government pamphlet on what they are offering you because they are seeing it through the financial perspective and not the Spiritual viewpoint. Did you know finances are a Spiritual issue? Yes, money is energy and we have an emotional relationship with it, personally, in communities and globally. Just watch the news.

Somewhere, somehow, some time the mental health issues of our society must be understood from the Spiritual/energy connection that links to a soul’s physical consciousness and the effect this powerful Source has on one's reality and emotional coping ability. As discussed, energy will always express itself in one form or another, and it will always express at the level of frequency of the human persona, either high or low, or all degrees in between.

We have the capacity to control the level of frequency through our perception and our attitudes. We have the choice of ascending or descending, believing or disbelieving, creating or destroying, loving or hating. Each of us has the individual choice for manifesting mental “heal”th” or mental Hell...and collectively we can foster a community, a nation, a world built on the recognition of the Divine in our lives, in every molecule of our being, in our thoughts and feelings, or we can choose to devalue our chosen purpose and restrict the lives we are meant to live, deny the responsibilities we chose to accept, refute the Truth of our Divine nature and destroy ourselves and our planet. What do you choose?

You’ve heard me say it before, but I will gladly say it again. Meditation is the key. Meditation allows you to raise the frequency of your emotional response to the negative (the negate of light). It is mediating between what we think and how we respond emotionally. The vibration is raised to its most Divine. Yes, it does take practice, but that’s what mediation is, a daily practice. Yes, it takes devotion every day to want to be connected to the Source, to a higher frequency, or Light, or God, or love of Who We Truly Are. It’s unfortunate that this perception is absent from many people's minds and


hearts. What we can and must do is add Light in the form of positive thoughts and

feelings where we see this absence of Light, the absence of Love, absence of Source, absence of Spirit.

We must rise above what I call living in the lower consciousness of the root chakra where fear of security, loyalty, wealth and belonging will drive a person to acts of low frequency. Living in low frequency energizes dependence on a system that can no longer support itself, and advocates for racism, sexism, poverty consciousness, and supports the fear-based tribalism of terrorism, mayhem, addictive behavior, renouncement of the Light and the hailing of The Dark Side.

These fear-filled groups are living in ignorance of our highest purpose, which is to create, to heal and to love through connection to Source in whatever way each of us is most comfortable of naming it, such as God, Buddha, Spirit, Enlightenment or even a unique personal understanding or a system of traditional beliefs. The important thing is to recognize this Higher Spirit, connect to It, learn from It, and live in the Light of It. This is natural, it is simple, it is living consciously.

So, we recognize that meditation is the key. Now what?

The Inner Light Technique

Many years ago the Inner Light technique with the spiral was shared with me by Mother Mary, and its purpose is to help with rewiring a human system to its most Divine and natural frequency. Often people are rewired by accident, such as through an accident or out of body experience. Others are rewired through a disabling illness that results in their emancipation. Still others are rewired through their pursuit of the Truth and their diligence with practicing personal awareness.


Whatever inspires or forces the changes you desire, you are exercising your Divine free will and making a conscious choice to advocate for the Light you seek in your life. This

sets up an alignment with your teachers, spiritual readings, and having trust in your intuitive voice, aligning your mind, heart and body with the most powerful sacred Source of Light, love and infinite wisdom, your Spirit, the Higher Power voice.

The Inner Light program helps practitioners make cellular-level shifts in their physical, mental, and emotional bodies. These cellular shifts occur when you are connected to your Spirit body because the Spirit body is the highest frequency and will get a person moving through the shifts, the choices, and the challenges that need to be processed. Daily meditation time cannot be stressed enough.

The suppression of the emotions and not having coping skills are the real causes of addiction; addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other forms of excessive behavior are the result of the emotional suppression, and the separation of the Divine from the physical is the result of addiction. The opioid drugs accelerate the process of separation.

We are by nature a very spiritual creation, and when we are connected to our Higher Source, we can heal ourselves of all kinds of affliction, including addiction. I have been in a session where a tumor has left the physical body within hours, and no one can tell me we don't have the internal power and ability inside that can heal when we are connected to our Higher Power.

What We Need to Understand

Our society has converted itself into a condition of spiritual deprivation instead of spiritual preservation. Spirit is the essence of consciousness of Who We Really Are, and the highest frequency possible. We must understand Spirit from both the science as well as the personal. There is no right, there is no wrong...there is only truth. We must find a way to shift ourselves into spiritual preservation while preserving the Truth of



In my two decades as a Medium I’ve wished to understand more about the spiritual nature when people experience the loss of a loved one. The loss of their loved one is painful, and they are faced with the mortal nature of their current incarnation and forced to learn how to live life without the person being physically present. Those who have never questioned or searched before often seek the answers to questions they have never thought to ask. The Spirit world, of course, is teaching us through our intuitive nature about how to continue to live and love in the new way we can with them, in the perception of eternal life.

In a healing session, you are in a spiritual space, a higher frequency creating a sacred space for the mind and body to align to the natural and highest frequency we can be in, our Spirit. The result is that our vibration levels also rise, and we feel unbelievably different, freer, lighter, and are capable of having an experience with their loved one in Spirit. That’s when I explain that this “feeling” is something you can have on your own. I have yet to hear someone say no! Actually, it’s not about feeling something…it’s about BE - ING in the Light.

I’d like to briefly relate the story of a young woman I worked with recently. I work with a lot of 20-somethings; their parents bring their children to me because they are suffering from an addiction. It’s amazing to watch these 20-somethings look at me when they walk in with the attitude “I really don’t want to be here,” and then after they practice meditation their lives are changed and they express their gratitude!

This young woman was clean, but she wasn’t sure she could stay clean, so her mother brought her to me. I taught her several meditation techniques over the length of a few weeks, and said she was practicing meditation at home. I sent her mom a note asking how her daughter was doing. Her mom wrote back that she was doing remarkably well and that her daughter was still clean and meditating every day. She said she thought I


had saved her daughter’s life, but the truth is that she had saved her own life. It’s gratifying when I hear stories of success. Yes, there are some who do not choose

another less traditional way and make it, but remember this not only helps heal addiction, it helps one be free to feel love, connection, creative and to express the true spirit of life. What is it we all search for? Freedom.

It’s the personal practice that is the most important thing you can do because your intention and those daily five minutes of self-love you give yourself will cause your cells and atoms to change. Everything changes at the molecular level, and this has been scientifically proven.

We have to allow the connection of Spirit so we can lift ourselves to a higher consciousness which then allows for a natural release of the toxins and low frequency vibrations afflicting us, and then we don’t have to keep going back there and experiencing the wounding and pain of a lower vibration experience. Meditation is the key to releasing the low energies holding us in place, and allows us to spiral our energy higher and higher to a place of health and happiness.

Imagine what could happen if we taught our children the natural processing of emotions and thoughts, taught them coping skills, and shared with them how to meditate. Better yet, practice with them. Our children would flourish their whole lives, and then pass along their positive life experiences to their own children and all the generations that follow would benefit, spiraling the energy on our planet to the heights referred to in the ancient books and passed down to us almost only as great myths.

There is hope for us! I think our education system is becoming more creative. I have been guiding meditation to high school students in a special room for over three years now. They share their gratitude about feeling good, clear, less angry, even “feeling God inside”. This is clearly a sensitive topic in our schools today, but they felt the love and expressed it. What more can we hope for? Montessori schools are known to be more


exploratory but there has to be a more intentional program because children aren’t receiving this education in their homes. Perhaps you will make a difference in your

child’s life, or the lives of the children you know by sponsoring a meditation program that can begin the shift of energy into the Light which we so much desire for our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and all the children on this planet...or just ask me. I will always share and offer free online meditation monthly.

Let’s make this simple!

What is Meditation?

In the last few years, the practice of meditation has appeared more and more frequently in our media, and has become more commonly accepted as an experience more people have tried. However, there are different types of what is called meditation today, as some are a physical practice while others are mental or spiritual. Here is a brief explanation of several different forms of meditation.

The following descriptions are general and not precise because there are so many varieties of disciplines that an accurate description would make too big a diversion from my intention which is to focus on the spiritual form of meditation. We will diverge briefly so you have a broader understanding of what other people or masters may describe as their meditative practice.

Physical Meditation

Types of physical meditation include yoga, tai chi, martial arts, dance… In this sense, meditation means using the mind to precisely control the body. These physical arts require the practitioner to control their breathing and move their bodies in a prescribed fashion to achieve the unity of mind and body. These physical motions can also lead the practitioner to a state of higher awareness. Indeed, any practice that rises to a high level of performance can achieve liberation of the self from the body. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?


Mental Meditation

This type of meditation manifests in forms of practice meant to exercise the mind, or calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote mindfulness. Practice at this level of meditation has been known to help the body heal and also help with the treatment of heart disease, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and pain and decrease blood pressure. When the mind is directed to focus on the internal workings of the physical body, healing that appears miraculous can occur. It is actually not miraculous because this is the often unrecognized power of our mind; accelerated health improvements appear extraordinary only because our experience with and acceptance of these results is so unfamiliar. I humbly have experienced instantaneous healing of tumors and pain. The doctor’s words were: “No explanation”.

Spiritual Meditation

Practitioners of spiritual meditation seek a clear and powerful connection with the Divine by going within. They accomplish this by focusing on their breathing, so they quiet their mind and are centered and then seek to elevate their consciousness to reach a heightened state of spiritual awareness. Technically, this means raising one’s frequency and attaining altered and higher states of awareness where intuition and imagination are beyond the human comprehension.

The term “spiritual” is a tricky word in our culture because it has connotations of religion and references to other-worldly realms. Western culture has a limited perspective of the spiritual, unlike the Eastern cultures which embrace more influences and interpretations. Nevertheless, the practice of spiritual meditation as it is intended here is simply to accept what is and connect with the essence of our True Self that exists beyond the human restraints of the illusion of time. Spiritual meditation is having a relationship with your True Self by stopping the noise that invades every aspect of our day and learn to


listen and “feel” the insights available through your Spirit. I believe in keeping it simple, breathe, and the magic will follow.

For many this path of Self-realization is unfamiliar, and we are not as aware or accepting of this part of our-Selves as could otherwise be to our most wholesome advantage. Many of us who are becoming newly aware of this other part of our Self need instruction and guidance to make use of the infinite potential that is our Divine gift and need to be shown how to connect with the Divine Essence that lives within each of us.

Because we have lost touch with our Divine Source, have flipped the True reality and accepted the illusion as Truth and become unconscious of Who We Really Are and forgetful that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we have become addicted to an answer or a high outside of ourselves. Each generation is more intuitive and needs this connection to “feel” the Source that supplies them. The supplies are genuine gifts to be expressed from the spirit to the personality and body, allowing one to be happy, healthier and abundant. Aren’t we all wanting that for ourselves and our children? Our highest potential of creative expression, compassion, intuitive trust and connection to eternal life is what we need so we can be productive humans. Period.

This is the cycle we must break, and you are a significant influence in bringing God’s children back into the Light.

Length of Meditation

There is no specific length of time you should meditate. Each person is different and has varying needs. The best thing to do is start by meditating for a few minutes, become familiar with being with your Self, and expand the amount of time as you choose. Try it for a minute when you start, and try to build to five minutes after a few days. It would be highly advantageous if you could do your spiritual practice for 5 minutes every day.


Inner Light Meditation (Connecting to the energy of the heart…)

Daily practice should be done at least once a day. The Inner Light Meditation should be done at least four times a week. However, daily is recommended to keep the frequency up in Divine, natural nature.

This is your Spiritual nourishment and will flow into the thoughts, emotional responses and the body. It is the most powerful way to open intuitive energies and become comfortable with them.

Over the last year in meditation there have been experiences where I was taken into the chakra and connected to the spirals. In three separate meditations but all within three days I knew it was a Divine message. I started seeing clearer in channeling and realized it was meant to be shared. It was clear updating was needed in the Inner Light meditations and healings. The message was to connect the three major centers, heart (love), eye (higher perception) and solar plexus (power). It was called the Divine Activation. The Science to this is that you are raising the frequency of the energy centers that directly connect to cells and all systems. When the frequency is at its most highest and natural state, the body can heal. This begins with perception, intention and action, as well as faith. Create a Sacred Place or environment to relax. Nature is beautiful to sit in and just breathe. Here is a simple and self love meditation:

Daily Inner Light Meditation Practice

 Breathe Mindfully (Ex: Inhale to silent 4 count / exhale 6 count / 4 times. Then proceed to 6/8 count)

 Go to the Heart Chakra, imagine gold or white light, create a spiral of light in the heart. Slow the breath, slow the spiral.

 See, feel or just trust this IS happening. Breathe slowly...repeat the mantra "Divine Love". Minimum of 4 breaths, slowly and comfortably.


 Breathe light from the spiral to the Divine Eye / Third Eye at the center of the forehead where it connects to the spiral. Remember to slow the breath to slow the spiral. Repeat the affirmation "Divine Light".

 Breathe light from the spiral of the Divine Eye back to the heart where it reconnects to the spiral. Remember to slow the breath to slow the spiral. Repeat the affirmation "Divine Light". Minimum 4 breaths.

 Breathe light from the spiral of the Heart to the center of the torso, the Solar Plexus Center. It connects to the spiral. Remember to slow the breath to slow the spiral. Repeat the affirmation "Divine Power". Minimum 4 breaths. Now you have slowed down, so allow for this peace.

 Breathe light from the spiral of Divine Power back to the heart where it reconnects to the spiral. Remember to slow the breath to slow the spiral. Repeat the affirmation "Divine Love". Minimum 4 breaths but do not count.. allow for the natural flow and when to stop. Smile!

How to Begin Meditating

Start with sitting in a quiet place for one to five minutes daily and simply closing your eyes and taking slow breaths, periodically slowing it down more. Just a few minutes the nervous system responds. From there, you can extend your meditation to longer periods of time. If you’re someone who likes to move, try a yoga class or daily walk. Starting slow and not overwhelming yourself is key in the commitment of a daily practice. Healthy sleep habits are important for healing and reenergizing.

Quick Tips to Help Get Started

1. Create a space where you feel nature if possible.

2. Close your eyes and take slow, comfortable breaths.

3. Breathe in for five counts and breathe out for five counts.

4. Repeat for five more rounds, for a total of about one minute.


Try these free meditations to read or download:

Think about the benefits water has upon our body; it is the same as meditation for the mind and Spirit.

Q: What’s the best advice for someone who wants to become more self-aware but has never meditated before?

A: Simple. Just allow. A natural and calming effect will begin to happen in approximately three minutes. Just be in the moment. From the second we wake, we hit the ground running to the second we fall asleep. We are always on the move whether physically or mentally (always mentally, for sure). To become self-aware we first have to realize that we are self UN-aware. We have to learn to make friends with our selves, with our Spirit, the most intelligent, compassionate, loving and fun aspect of our Self, our Highest Self. It is no different than meeting a new person. We have to spend time with them to get to know them, and it is the same with our selves.

Q: Can you give an example of a meditation practice that can be done anywhere at any time?

A: There are so many types of meditation. Remember, meditation is a natural act we do unconsciously, more than we know. For example, when we walk in nature, when we are in the creative expression of music, art, writing, it's endless how we all channel energy beyond our human potential. We can be in a form of meditation simply by walking, gardening, even swimming or exercising, when we let our minds be free. There are meditative states of being we do naturally and we came to express from the Soul


through the personality, using these amazing bodies to take us through this life. The suppression of these is sad and showing to be dangerous to our communities.

One must remember that undisciplined thinking has a powerful effect on the physical condition. It has negative chemical effects on the body. This is due to the fact that our bodies cannot distinguish between thought and reality. When you are constantly thinking, your body registers those thoughts as the reality that is happening because of the emotion you feel.

Have you ever cried at a commercial and felt silly? Well, that emotion is traveling through you and it is a natural response to what you saw. This is why you should never sleep with the television on. Energy is always transmitting. Your cells cannot determine that your responses are based on a television show. Think about some of the energy coming from the media, even from the commercials. This is not about right or wrong. It is about AWARENESS.

The science behind this is that every thought carries a frequency of emotion connected to it which is transmitting through your nervous system. When you choose the energy frequency of Spirit, you make a conscious choice to discipline your thoughts and you consciously become the disciple of them. Now the personality feels a subtle and sacred power to express, to be creative and to be the love it so desires and deserves.

A Simple Daily Practice

As you are reading this, take a couple of deep breaths. Be aware of your lower belly. Let your breath become natural and bring awareness to the muscles behind your eyes. Actually think or say, "I am giving this center permission to relax.” Slow breath...


You may notice you were breathing shallowly which can be a natural response to stress. Now, feel your feet on the floor. Connect to your feet on the floor. FEEL them on the floor, breathe slowly and now again bring awareness to you lower belly. It should feel more relaxed. You can repeat this many times in a day to center, calm or energize.

Your mind will naturally want to escape into a thought. Bring awareness back into your body every time. It is okay when this distraction happens. We are not trying to stop thought, we are learning to discipline our thoughts.

“Imagine a Balloon” Meditation

This exercise can be helpful and fun and is simple and great for children. Imagine a balloon and your thought or vision is inside it. Ask for a color to reveal itself to you. It will be the energy of your thoughts, the frequency that reveals naturally the color. See, feel or just know the balloon is floating up into the sky … until all you can sense or see is a beautiful starry sky. Breathe slowly throughout. This exercise can seem almost too simple, but in its simplicity, what is actually happening is you are taking control of your emotional responses to your negative thoughts. You are actually raising the frequency of your energy and clearing it for intuition to guide you. This sends a signal to your nervous system, calming and aligning you to clarity and strength, allowing you to discipline your emotional responses.

Remember, this awareness is a muscle to be developed. When we are committed to its development, it is a muscle that will support us. It is a tool to be practiced daily and it has tremendous benefits. Try it for five minutes a day for the next ten days and feel the natural and powerful effect it gives you! Kids LOVE this! Give them this simple creative way to cope with feelings.


7. Conclusion

It is important to look forward to moments of meditation. Remember, meditation is “mediating between how you think and respond emotionally”. You have thoughts every second, and you are the boss of them. We have the ability to discipline thoughts. This is Spiritual-Science. Look at it as though you are responding to your abilities as a thinking, feeling being. Choose to be devoted to understanding and open to embracing the spirit of living, to reaching beyond your human potential and aspiring to your Highest potential, allowing you to be the intuitive, creative and compassionate being you were destined to be.

We all have a desire to reach beyond the human potential, which is where you come from, a natural, creative and intuitive place where challenges transform to choices and we have the strength for the challenges that do come such as death, divorce, career changes, and financial stressors. In turn, we have the understanding and strength to transform them, to create experiences filled with creativity and love.

This is not fluff, this is how the Law of Attraction works, and it will be working no matter what way you perceive life. Imagine our children learning and understanding their own desires, emotions, intuition, and are free to be creative human beings of Divine proportions. It will come to our families, our communities, countries and then we will become healthy and peaceful globally. Imagine chemical dependency becoming extinct! I believe it can be. An extinction we will all welcome for the future of our children and our species.

This is intuitive intelligence, it is who we are, containing our purpose and our spiritual inheritance. It is this perception and commitment that will help us as a species. Imagine a world where we do not need medication to cope, to focus or sleep. Imagine the technology in medicine can be channeled to help those really suffering.


We cannot neglect the Spiritual-Science of living in our world today. The mental and emotional wellness of our children and their children will pay the consequences if we do not take these truths, these understandings, these simple perceptions and allow them to be the foundation of who we are...for this is truly who we really are.

Let’s choose to educate, commit to and change the mentality of the generations now so all can come to understand the dis-ease of the mind and create the physical expression we deserve.

Imagine a society where we teach children, all ages, to be intuitive, creative and intelligent, where this wisdom is sacred, special and natural. When we imagine, when we create the image, we will.


Beth Lynch

Inner Light Teaching


218 Hamilton St,

Geneva, NY 14456


This book is presented solely for educational purposes and is not intended to represent or be used as an exhaustive personal development resource. The information contained in this book is made available for illustrative purposes, explaining only the basics of personal growth and self-realization.

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This book is dedicated to the souls on Earth and the Other Side who pursue the truth, peace and love of what the journey as a spiritual and a human being is about.

The evolution of our consciousness is eternal. What we do not complete here in lessons or creative expression will continue on the Other Side.

In channeling loved ones crossed, I have learned what “eternal life” not only means but what it “feels” like here on Earth. We are all here to unite the heart, mind and Spirit and will use the body as a vehicle to walk this beautiful planet. I am eternally grateful to be a “mediator” for the Spirit world, and to their family and friends here, bringing wisdom, enlightenment and love so we may reach our creative, compassionate and abundant potential as spiritual and human beings.

About the Author

Beth Lynch, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and founder of Inner Light Teaching, offers more than mediumship in her gatherings. She shares the power of understanding the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality).

Lynch feels the communication of those in spirit is about helping us as a species evolve to our natural and sacred expression.

Meditation is the tool and desire to know is the key to opening the energy to the sacred intelligence within all. Lynch is dedicated to guiding those to that place in the heart where the power of One's spirit is ready to light the way to sacred power and peace.

"It is no longer that stuff, or for those considered more intuitive". Lynch teaches us the truth of who we are as a spiritual and a human being. That journey begins at birth but there is a Source before that we all come from. It is accessing that Source daily that helps us live, love, create and heal the life we truly deserve. We should not ask "why" and one will not if they know their truth.

As a child, Lynch's sensitivity to thoughts and feelings confused and at times terrified her. Fast forward 30 years of curiosity, faith and healing it is now her passion and purpose … to help others understand intuition, healing, thoughts and the power of love. The death of both parents in a short period of time made her face the depths of loss and the process of healing grief.

In the learning and healing process, the understanding of death also became clear. The truth transformed sensitivity into strength. In turn her intuitive gifts and abilities were clearly about helping her but also to help others. Living a life committed to meditation, higher awareness and personal healing her sensitivity to the Spiritual realm became natural and helping others was inevitable. She feels blessed to help others connect to those crossed as well as intuitively guide them to a place of higher understanding in their own journey.

She has been practicing meditation and yoga for 23 years and knows firsthand the importance of balancing a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. She has founded the Inner Light Awareness and Practitioner Program and is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages. She volunteers in her communities to teach and share meditation and wisdom.

Beth truly feels life experiences will be our greatest opportunity to learn and our greatest teacher. The understanding that we are energy, we are One, is important to hold in our minds and hearts for survival in our world today. We need to embrace the understanding that we are a spiritual and we are a human being. The separation of the two has not allowed us to evolve to our highest potential as a species. The time is now; the children of the world are showing us about past life memories and seeing loved ones crossed they never knew. How else can this be explained? It is natural to see beyond the physical and it is imperative we align with the time our Soul knows to evolve in the way we are meant to, intellectually, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

Begin with one day at a time, nurture the relationship between the Self and Spirit and experience the energy of love in all you do. She embraces all roles as woman, mother,

author and teacher, and knows the energy to balance comes from the commitment to the relationship one has with the Divine, our Highest Self.

Beth Lynch

Inner Light Teaching


218 Hamilton St,

Geneva, NY 14456


I wish to personally thank the following people for their love and support, faith and patience with my passion to write this book. My husband, Daniel, and my son, Racer, for their patience when hours passed as I wrote.

My sister, Julie, for keeping me organized so I could balance a personal practice and commitment to this book, as well as her support for pursuing my dreams.

To my friends and those who have trusted and supported me, my services, classes and lectures. I am blessed to do what I do every day because of you.

Dr. Daniel Levine, my publisher and editor; your insights, support, patience, personal dedication and friendship made this project fun and exciting, and also for your patience with keeping me on track with my right-brain way of expressing.

Alexander Zing Levine for technical assistance with book layout and cover design; your dedication and expertise is highly valued.

Most of all, I wish to express my deepest gratitude and love for my parents, Patty and Donald Furano, who continue to love and inspire me from the heavens to follow my dreams.

Note to Readers

The information presented within this book neither endorses nor disputes any religion. This is not a book about religious belief or religious practice. This book is about awakening the essence of the Inner Wisdom that is within all of us, and connecting with the Divine that permeates all Life. Above all, this material subscribes to kindness and compassion for all Beings.

The use of the word God, the Divine, Spirit, Source, and references to any spiritual master, saint, guru…all are mentioned with deep respect. Each person references the Divine in his or her individual way, and the use of all these words are available for interpretation the way the reader most prefers. My wish is to engage the reader and offer the gift of personal fulfillment.

This material may be controversial and counter-cultural. By purchasing and reading this book, you have expressed a degree of interest, and I am grateful for your curiosity at the least, and for embracing the information at the most. The Intelligence within may be surprising, or it may be somewhat familiar; it is within this Knowingness that your strength of Self exists and is eternally available to you.

You will notice that certain words have been capitalized, and this is intentional to emphasize the word’s greater meaning and value. A word is a word until you capitalize it. Then it’s a different word!

Thank you for your imagination, courage, kindness and Love. You are an Amazing Being, and I am grateful for this Moment, allowing us to share our Selves with each other. The material you are about to read will bless and change your Life, and all that is Great and Good will be revealed and restored within You!

For Passion Publishing Company, LLC

Copyright © 2019 Beth Lynch

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Published by For Passion Publishing Company, LLC

PO Box 28312

Bellingham, WA 98228

First Edition.

Printed in the United States of America.

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