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Getting Help/Resources

Updated: Jul 22, 2023


Getting Help

16-25 Peer Support Groups

Day: Wednesdays, 5.30 – 7pm on Zoom

Family & Friends Groups

Berkeley , CA

Bay Area Hearing Voices Network

Public Awareness & Community Support

Dr. Damian Wilde

Clinical Psychologist

Wilde Psychology, UK

Dr. Raju Hajela

Calgary, Canada

Dr Robert Purssey

Psychiatrist and ACT Therapist

Director - Brisbane ACT Centre

7 Marie Street, Milton Q 4064

Dr. Jeff Ball

Los Angeles, California

PCH Treatment Center Clinic

Dr. Dan Fisher

National Empowerment Centre

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Olivia R., Psy.D.

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Paris Williams

Dunedin, New Zealand

Ron Unger, LCSW

Eugene OR USA

Teri Nugent Private Practice, LLC

N6628 Metcalf Rd.

Stone Lake, WI 54876



Recovery Network

16-25 Peer Support Groups

Day: Wednesdays, 5.30 – 7pm on Zoom

Human Givens

The Soteria Network


The Hearing Voices Network

England, UK

Hearing The Voice

Interdisciplinary Voice-Hearing Research


The hearing Voices Perspective - Lived experience

Twitter: @greggieboyLRG

Mad in the Family

Resources for family

Twitter: @MadInTheFamily

CCP, the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, is in the beginning stages of creating a community non-profit program for psychosis in Chicago. It’s in the beginning stages but there are several folks at CCP who work with psychosis. They also offer low-fee psychoanalysis.


Jarl Clausen

Twitter: @ijclausen


Free resources to help you weigh the benefits of a drug against its side effects.

Twitter: @RxISK

Dr. David Healy, Psychiatrist

A Wealth of excellent Information

Twitter: @DrDavidHealy

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